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2021 Wistar’s 「Yuanxiang Holiday Village」Growth Journey Successfully Concluded


「2021 Wistar Team Growth Journey」   2021 Wistar Team Gr […]

「2021 Wistar Team Growth Journey」


2021 Wistar Team Growth Journey

What outdoor team building activities have you participated in?

Is it a suburban outing with a group of people by tour bus, or a real CS dressed up in camouflage ?

Recently, employees from Wistar several departments enjoyed participating in a team growth journey while braving the heat wave.

We wanted to keep enjoying this journey despite the sunburn suffered by many participants.


Part 01

- Departure -

8:00-10:00   Temperature 31℃


We arrived at the destination by bus in the blink of an eye, with laughter and singing along the way.

【Huzhou Yuanxiang Holiday Village Sports and adventure park】  


Part 02

- Beginning -

10:00-11:00  Group division


The main activities started after a short break.

Firstly, members from different departments were organized into 3 teams to break clans.

Then, these teams played the games【joint construction of tower & Hanoi towers 】

After three rounds, the green team narrowly beat the blue and red teams with an outstanding score of 300 points (the highest) compared to 30 points (the lowest) in the first round, making a surprise but the final victory.


Part 03

- Award ceremony -

11:00-11:30  Rewards


After the game, another important agenda also made an appearance. To commend the outstanding performance of the sales department in the first half of the year, an award ceremony was held on the spot. Three ladies, Chen Xiaoying, Sun Yanzi and Wang Yuping, were awarded :

Best Market Development Award

Best Newcomer Award 

Sales Champion Award

Ms.Wang, International Sales Director, presented them with honorary certificates. The three awardees each made a short speech about their awards, sharing their experiences and ideas about the work, and unanimously hoping to make more progress with their buddies in the future.

Part 04

- Free Activities -

14:00-16:00  Leisure time

After a sumptuous barbecue lunch, the participants took advantage of the free time in the afternoon to attend the various fun programs in the village. Everyone, despite the heat, enjoyed the occasion with more enthusiasm than the temperature.

Everyone did archery, grass skiing, hiking, horseback riding, rafting and walked on the high glass bridge. Many of them who did not have fun this time agreed on group entertainment for the next time.


Part 05

- Return -

16:30:-17:30  End


The short day of team growth officially ended after all the activities and games.

Although the time was short, after a few hours of "together", the workmates who usually have little communication became closer;

And those who already have a lot of communication, the relationship became stronger.

May we could all continue to work together in this family towards the same goal.

May we could all live up to our expectations and make this journey worthwhile.

Let’s grow together with Wistar.

No road taken is wasted. Every step counts !


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