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Adjustment Method Of Battery Blinds Motor Limiter


Electric rolling shutter limit switches should be two. […]

Electric rolling shutter limit switches should be two. One is the upper limit and the other is the lower limit. The limit switch should have a mechanical turning lever to control the stop and start of the switch. When adjusting, there should be two people to operate, one person to adjust the position of the mechanical rotating lever on the top, and the other person to control the up and down position of the shutter door to coordinate the adjustment of the position of the limit switch. Below, let's see together the Adjustment method of the Battery Blinds Motor limiter:


1. After connecting the power supply, turn the motor to the stop state at the other end (referring to the closed state after the doors and windows are installed), and then cut off the power supply;


2. Put the processed curtain into the track from the top of the drive shaft, and the doors and windows should be closed after completion;


3. Fix the curtain and driveshaft: first determine the fixing position of the screw, which should be evenly distributed along the drive shaft, and ensure that the whole curtain cannot be curled after being fixed; the length of the fixing screw at the motor end of the drive shaft should ensure that it does not damage the motor. Shell (gap not less than 5mm);


4. After the curtain and the drive shaft are fixed, check whether the connection is firm and whether the force is balanced;


5. Carry out the final motor debugging.