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Awning Motors Factory Introduces Which Material Is Better For Blinds


Awning Motors Factory introduces which material is bett […]

Awning Motors Factory introduces which material is better for blinds:


1. Aluminum blinds
Now the aluminum alloy shutters on the market are divided into aluminum-wood composite shutters and aluminum-plastic composite shutters. As a modern market product, aluminum alloy shutters have their unique advantages. Part of the curtains is coated with titanium oxide, which can react with ultraviolet rays to produce light purification, which has the self-cleaning effect of anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and clean air.


2. Color aluminum shutters
With a wealth of color and pattern choices, patterns can be printed on the blinds, bringing a more vibrant scene to the home. The color aluminum shutters can block ultraviolet rays, heat insulation, and sunshade, will not fade, and the installation is simple and convenient.


3. Solid wood blinds
The price of ordinary wooden blinds is about the same as that of aluminum alloy blinds. Most of these wooden blinds are more beautiful, with veneer on the surface, which looks more like solid wood blinds. If you only emphasize the beautiful decorative effect, this choice is very good.


4. Plastic blinds
Plastic shutters are fire-resistant and moisture-proof. They can also be used in places with high humidity. They will not deform and crack in humid places. The insulation is better than wood. Plastic-wrapped wooden curtain shutters solve the problems of painting and durability. But the gloss and brightness are poor and it is easy to corrode.


5. Longs blinds
Lance Venetian blinds are based on the system of aluminum alloy Venetian blinds and wooden Venetian blinds, using high-grade composite materials as the curtains. The overall structure is lightweight, the blades are moisture-proof, excellent flame retardant performance, rich in colors and textures, and full of individuality. It has won the favor of many high-quality people.