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Awning Motors Manufacturer Introduces Four Working Methods Of Electric Curtain Machine


Awning Motors Manufacturer introduces four working meth […]

Awning Motors Manufacturer introduces four working methods of electric curtain machine:


1. Use the timing control mode of work: that is to say, set the opening and closing time of the morning and evening curtains on the main controller, and the curtains will automatically open (or close) when the curtains are opened in the morning. When the closing time is at night, the curtains will automatically close (or open). To temporarily turn it on or off, just use the remote control, and then tap the "Open" or "Close" button.


 2. The remote control, uses the remote control to control the opening and closing of the curtains. Whenever you need to open or close the curtain at any time, just press the button on the remote control. When the curtain is opened or closed, the curtain will automatically stop, or stop halfway.


3. Intelligent brightness control, the opening or closing of the curtain is automatically controlled by the main controller through the brightness of the test environment. "Close in the dark, open in the light" has an intelligent management method that will not cause malfunction.


4. Manual switch control, use the switch on the wired panel to directly control the opening or closing of the curtain. Because it is controlled manually by manual switch control, it becomes manual control, that is, manual control executes the forward rotation, reverse rotation, and stop of the motor. At the same time, the remote control can also be used to remotely control the opening and closing of the curtains. You can also use the remote control settings to control the automatic functions of the receiver. After setting and turning on the automatic control function, the control receiver will automatically complete the curtain control according to the set function. The control receiver is a key part of the curtain control system.