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Awning Motors Manufacturers Introduces Tips For Buying Smart Curtains


In order to facilitate the use of a large number of gro […]

In order to facilitate the use of a large number of groups and meet the needs of men, women, and children, smart curtains have certain independent innovations in functions. The smart curtains can easily manipulate the curtain fabrics according to the smart remote control of the curtain fabrics, without driving the curtain fabrics by themselves, and the smart curtains can also be set according to the time, for example, you can set the curtain fabrics to be automatically opened at 8:00 every morning. But there are also many people who may worry about the lack of electricity, what to do with smart curtains, and whether it will cause the curtain cloth to not move. In fact, in addition to using the smart remote control, smart curtains can also be manually pulled. It is also considered that a group control system can also be implemented, and multiple curtains can be opened or closed at the same time, which is very convenient. Below, Awning Motors Manufacturers introduces some tips for purchasing smart curtains:


1. Select the motor: The motor is a key part of smart curtains. At present, the motors of smart curtains on the market are divided into tubular motors, blinds motors, Roman shade motors, etc. You can choose according to your specific situation.


2. Fabric: The fabric of smart curtains also pays special attention. Generally, it is considered that the lighting effect is very good. It is recommended to choose the sun fabric so that the outdoor conditions can be clearly seen in the room, and the inside of the room can not be seen in the room.  If the sun is blocked, you can choose a full-blocking cloth, and the actual effect of blocking the light can also be very satisfactory.


3. Spare parts: The spare parts of smart curtains are also very important. To choose the ones with excellent quality, you can't just try to be cheap. Choosing a thread reel can make the support level and prevent unevenness. However, ordinary ropes are very prone to deformation and rupture when exposed to the sun and rain.