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Motorized Shades Blinds Factory Introduces How To Choose The Right Curtain Motor


Nowadays, electric curtains are more and more warmly we […]

Nowadays, electric curtains are more and more warmly welcomed by customers because of their fashion trends, beauty, and convenience. Electric curtains are commonly used in home and hotel decorations because of their warmth, elegance, and beauty. Next, Motorized Shades Blinds Factory introduces how to choose a good electric curtain?


1. Select the motor
The motor is the manager of the electric curtain. To choose a good electric curtain, you must first choose a suitable motor. According to the difference of switching power supply, motors are divided into two types: AC motors and DC motors. The output power of AC motors is large, but the noise is also relatively large; the relative noise of DC motors is relatively low, but the relative load is relatively small. Curtain opening and closing motors are generally square motors. In public places such as hotels and restaurants, the total window area is large, the curtains are heavier, and AC motors are commonly used. In the halls and bedrooms at home, it is necessary to build a relaxed and quiet natural environment, and DC motors are widely used.


2. Look at the rails and spare parts
At this stage, there are two key transmission technologies for electric opening and closing curtains on the sales market: embedded galvanized steel wire rope and embedded transmission belt. If your window is a curved window, you need to choose the built-in belt controller for the slide rail. Naturally, you also choose the motor paired with the controller. In the application of electric curtains, the parts and accessories will be damaged at a certain level. Therefore, you choose high-quality accessories to increase the life of the product.


3. Look at the processing technology
The whole process of manufacturing is very harmful. The precision of the electric curtain organization is far higher than that of ordinary curtains. If the whole process of product manufacturing is not smooth, it will immediately endanger the application of the product. In addition, it also harms the beauty of the product.


4. Choose a brand
There is a lot of expertise in purchasing electric curtains. Many customers do not understand the price and immediately use the price as a decision-making factor. As a result, the purchased product cannot be used or is not suitable. Experts remind customers that they don’t have to buy incorrect products for a good deal. Because the damage is not great, the product is generally selected from the brand. Product quality and after-sales maintenance services can only be guaranteed.