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Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturer Introduces How To Inspect High-Power Motors On Time


Motorized Shades Blinds manufacturer introduces how to […]

Motorized Shades Blinds manufacturer introduces how to inspect high-power motors on time:

1. Machine inspection of high-power motors.
Check whether there is a gap between the housing and end cover of the frequency conversion motor. If there is a gap, welding should be carried out. Check whether the shaft is bent and whether the assembly process is proper. In addition, turn the rotor with your hand to see if it can move. If it can't move, see if there is a foreign body stuck and the bearing is brilliant, and then determine whether the bearing needs to be changed according to the environment. Shaft sleeve measurement, check the upper and lower outer spigots of the impeller and the common buckle ring, and the inner diameter of the motor. Whether these two common gaps are within the scope of the inspection standard. If the tolerance is out of range, it is necessary to change parts or adopt other methods. Make the common gap reach the delineated requirements, otherwise, it will affect the axial balance of the motor's function. Investigate and check the indication environment of the rotor, and pay particular attention to whether there is an abnormal environment in the weld.

2. Electrical inspection of high-power motors.
First, check the DC resistance. The three-phase resistance of the normal high-power motor should not be higher than 2%. The insulation resistance of the winding can generally reach more than 100Ω. If it is lower than 5Ω, the reason should be explained, whether the insulation is damp or the winding is insulated. Insufficient and grounding, etc., according to the environment, dry the insulation of the high-power motor or contact the motor manufacturer to change the insulation. If the three-phase resistance of the stator is unbalanced, the three-phase separation of the motor coil must be tested against the ground voltage and the turns Try to find out where the connection is.