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Motorized Shades Blinds Suppliers Introduces 6 Functions Of Motorized Curtains


Motorized Shades Blinds Suppliers introduces that motor […]

Motorized Shades Blinds Suppliers introduces that motorized curtains have 6 functions:

1. When the function of the electric translational sunroof is converted, when a fire occurs, the area where it is located becomes a non-functional area, and the sunroof actively slides out of the fire area, and there will be no fall or even collapse, and the situation of dispersing and rescuing personnel will not occur.

2. Utilize the gravity component of the skylight parallel to the guide rail to achieve strong reliability of the skylight under emergency power loss conditions such as fire. The passive opening of the electric translation skylight selects the guide rail skew design.

3. Unique product, patented technology, single open area can reach 3 square meters, mainly used to open and close the roof, combined can open a large area, large public places smoke exhaust channel, beautiful atmosphere, can be equipped with built-in gauze.

4. The application of electric curtains to actively open skylights gives customers a sense of comfort and high-grade, social benefits, large passenger flow, and significantly enhanced economic benefits.

5. The effect is remarkable, the exhaust area is large, it can be fully opened within 45s, and the response speed is fast.

6. The large-area electric curtain damping and buffering equipment are equipped with a damping structure to prevent damage to the skylight, and realize the damping and buffering when the skylight is opened in four ways, especially when the skylight is actively opened.