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Operation Function Of Roller Shutter Tubular Motor


Operating functions of Roller Shutter Tubular Motor: 1. […]

Operating functions of Roller Shutter Tubular Motor:

1. Start directly
Intelligent motor control provides a complete Allen-Bradley with DeviceNet communication; electronic motor protection relays, users can access real-time status information, click performance data, diagnostic information, and perform control functions.


2. Soft start
Intelligent motor control can minimize the wear caused by the AC induction motor full voltage start, obtain a longer system life, and minimize the line voltage disturbance caused by the inrush current, thereby reducing the downtime.


3. Variable speed control
For most of the applications and power requirements that customers face, Intelligent Motor Control (SMC) Allen-Bradley; PowerFlex; series AC drives provide solutions. PowerFlex AC drives provide a variety of motor control technologies, from the simplest voltage-frequency ratio control method to FORCE; the patented magnetic flux vector control technology, for induction motors and p
ermanent magnet motor, provides low speed/zero speed performance. There are two levels of Allen-Bradley drives: PowerFlex; general-purpose AC drives provide motor control for machine-level and stand-alone applications; PowerFlex AC drives are ready for use out of the box and meet EMC standards.