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Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers Share The Functions Of Curtain Motors


The power supply mode of the curtain motor is divided i […]

The power supply mode of the curtain motor is divided into two types: the power socket and the lithium battery. Lithium battery motors are a bit more expensive than power sockets. If there is no socket near the curtain at home or it is inconvenient to modify the circuit, choose a lithium battery motor. It only needs to be charged 2-4 times a year, which is also very convenient. For socket power supply, remember to reserve a 220v power supply at the endpoint of the curtain box. Below, Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers share the features of curtain motors:

1. Timed scenes, such as getting up in the morning, setting the curtains to open at 7:30 to let natural light into the room, and waking up comfortably.

2. Voice control, sitting on the sofa and don't want to move, just shout, this needs to be equipped with a voice box or an intelligent gateway with a voice interaction function.


3. Remote control, remote control on the mobile APP side As long as the mobile phone has a network, it can be controlled anywhere.