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Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturer Introduces How To Choose Electric Curtains


Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturer introduces ho […]

Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturer introduces how to choose electric curtains:


1. Choose the right fabric
The choice of fabric directly affects the beauty and practicality of your curtains and the labor you have to pay for the maintenance of the curtains in the future.


2. Choose a good brand
A good brand should have the following conditions: excellent product quality, considerate after-sales service, and reasonable price. So when you choose a brand, you should consider all of the above issues, instead of just coveting cheap prices. When you buy, you can shop around and see which one is more satisfactory to you.


3. Choose intimate control equipment
There are various control methods for electric curtains, including remote control, infrared control, and external induction. Try to choose control equipment dedicated to electric curtains, such as switches from electric curtain manufacturers or curtain controllers from smart home manufacturers. At the same time, this control technology must be safe and reliable to ensure the normal operation and service life of the system.


4. Choose the right motor
The motor plays an important role in the operation of the electric curtain. An excellent motor will directly affect the use and life of the curtain. Try to choose a motor powered by 220V, and generally try to avoid choosing a motor of 24V and 36v. First, these motors have a large current when they work, and second, they are not easy to be compatible with other systems. Electric curtain motors are mainly tubular motors, which can be divided into DC motors and AC motors. At present, the most commonly used DC tubular motor on the market is because although it has low noise, its torque is relatively small, it is not suitable for high windows, and is generally used for small windows.


5. Pick good accessories
A good electric curtain is naturally inseparable from some good accessories. Whether these accessories are in place and whether the accuracy is high or not will affect the degree of cooperation between them and the motor. The selection of motor accessories is mainly to consider factors such as reel, wire rope, pulley, track, and round tube. Ordinary draw ropes are hung for a long time and are easily deformed, embrittled, and broken after exposure to the sun and rain, so you need to choose a dense and firm draw rope.