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Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturers Introduces The Selection Requirements Of Curtain Motors


Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturers introduces the select […]

Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturers introduces the selection requirements of curtain motors:


1. The main working principle of a household electric curtain is that it uses a motor to drive the curtain to move back and forth along the track, which is achieved by controlling the forward and reverse rotation of the motor.


2. To realize automatic curtain control, you should choose a curtain controller. The output AC220V voltage can control the forward and reverse rotation of the AC curtain motor. The method of using electric curtains for households also needs to adjust the stroke of the motor, because the curtains of each household The length and width are different, which adjusts the running range of household electric curtains on the track, and the stroke is the professional name. The next job is to set the address for it, please refer to the manual for the setting method. In this way, you can control the curtains through various transmitters.


3. For DC household electric curtains, just add two relays. When purchasing, it must be clear that the AC220V output of the curtain controller must be used for the coil of the relay to be AC220V, otherwise, it will burn out.


4. Pay attention to the installation. The relay is installed next to the curtain motor, which is more concealed in the curtain box. You can try it after powering it on. Press the curtain controller to control the forward and reverse rotation freely. The address setting and use of the curtain controller are still the same.