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Tubular Motor Factory Introduces The Method Of Selecting Electric Curtain Motor


Tubular Motor Factory introduces the method of selectin […]

Tubular Motor Factory introduces the method of selecting electric curtain motor:


1. Motor power: The electric curtain motor needs to provide suitable power to the curtain to drive the entire curtain movement. If the power is too large, it may cause damage to the curtain and the entire system and shorten the service life of the electric curtain. If the power of the electric curtain motor is too small, it will not be able to drive the curtain to move, which will not achieve the desired goal. So when choosing a motor, you need to choose according to your curtains: size, weight and other conditions.


2. Noise level: curtains are used in homes, office buildings, and office buildings. In these environments, you definitely don’t want to add a device that produces a lot of noise. Therefore, the second thing to consider when choosing an electric curtain motor is: Can it be guaranteed that the noise generated is weak, and it is best not to generate noise. When choosing to buy, first test how loud the noise is.


3. Operation status: This also requires on-site demonstration by the manufacturer. Generally, the manufacturer will have a demonstration area. I don’t know how many demonstrations have been done for these demonstrations. You can roughly understand the operation status.


4. Service life: This is not easy to evaluate, but it can be seen through a combination of noise, motor power, and other factors, and you can roughly see whether the product you want can run for a long time.


5. After-sales guarantee: It depends on how the company's after-sales service is and whether it provides an after-sales guarantee.


6. Enterprise product richness: By looking at whether the company’s products are rich, the strength of the company can be understood from the side.