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Tubular Motor Factory Introduces What To Pay Attention To When Installing Automatic Curtains


Tubular Motor Factory introduces what to pay attention […]

Tubular Motor Factory introduces what to pay attention to when installing automatic curtains:


1. Check the support point error of the electric curtain support frame and the tightening level of the screws. Check the tightness of the transmission belt and check the motor output of the controller. It is necessary to clean the oil and dust in the automatic curtain regularly and check the wear and tear of every part of the automatic curtain. Check the main parameters of the working voltage to ensure its normal operation, repair, and replace the damaged parts.


2. After the motor receives a certain amount of current in work, it will move forward, transmitting the driving force to the transmission belt, and then transmitting the driving force to the curtain equipment. This automatic curtain has an error during the installation and operation process, and it should be dealt with immediately to avoid accidents in the future. If there is a long-term lack of maintenance, you need to patiently test whether there is any problem, and then deal with the detected fault in time.


3. The controller should be greased once a year, the transmission chain should be filled with grease, and the wear of each component should be checked. Worn parts should be repaired or replaced immediately.