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Tubular Motor Supplier Introduces The Functions Of Smart Curtains


With the advent of the 5G+ Internet of Things stage, cu […]

With the advent of the 5G+ Internet of Things stage, curtains have also been taught intelligence, and the way of pulling curtains by hand by the window has become past tense. At present, the curtain can be opened easily with only a function button, or even a sentence of voice and video, and there are also various intelligent scheme designs, which are convenient and quick for everyone's daily life. In addition, it also improves the quality of daily life. Tubular Motor Supplier introduces the functions of smart curtains.


I want to remind everyone that the current smart curtains often refer to parts such as curtain slides and motors, which are not included in the curtains, so the curtains must be reserved. In addition, the length of the curtain slide is longer. The rails of this Oribo smart curtain can be compatible with a total width of two meters, and the length in the fully retracted state is more than 2.2 meters. Therefore, under the condition of selecting the receiving address, Try to choose a home, otherwise it may be more troublesome to carry.


At present, many smart curtains must be measured independently by customers before purchasing. After that, the merchants will produce and process according to the length. The general production cycle is about 7-15 days. These years are indeed a bit long for customers. There is no need to measure the specifications and models in advance, the guide rail adopts the scheme design of the retractor, and the length of the guide rail can be adjusted independently according to the detailed situation.


The motor is the core component of the smart curtain. The smart curtain adopts the DC power super do not disturb mode motor. The specification model is 40*40*320Mm. It can be connected with wifi. According to the real shots, you can see that the overall body is square. The scheme design, the whole is creamy white. More particularly, part of the power cord plug of the motor is not packaged and developed. In fact, it is embedded parts for the dual-rail motor method. If the customer chooses to install a double-rail curtain, the two motors can be connected together. At the same time, only one power cord plug can be used, which saves the indoor space design of the wall socket.