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WSER40 has obtained KC certification!


WISTAR Classic Model,KC Certification Approval ! Take a […]

WISTAR Classic Model,KC Certification Approval !

Take a look at the highlights of  WISTAR Φ35 AC Tubular Motor WSER40:

✨Electronic limit switch
✨Low noise operation
✨Tilting to adjust light
✨Remote control

KC certification, or Korea Certification, is a product certification which ensures the conformity of products to Korean safety standards – called K Standards.

The KC Mark and the corresponding KC Certificate are similar to the European CE mark and are valid for 730 different products such as automotive parts, machines and many electronic products. This test mark confirms that the product meets the relevant Korean Safety Standard.

The KC Certification (KC Mark Korea Certification) focuses on prevention and reduction of risks regarding safety, health or impact on the environment.

In 2009 the government of South Korea decided to introduce the KC Mark Certification and to replace the previous 140 different test marks.

With this certification, our products can reach farther markets and bring convenience to more people.