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Alexa Controlled Blinds Factory Introduces The Maintenance Strategy Of Electric Rolling Door


Alexa Controlled Blinds Factory introduces the maintena […]

Alexa Controlled Blinds Factory introduces the maintenance strategy of electric rolling door:


1. Check the support deviation of the electric blinds bracket and the tightness of the screws. Check the tightness of the belt and check the motor output of the controller. Clean the oil and dust in the case and check the wear of each part of the automatic electric door. Check the voltage parameters to ensure its normal operation, repair, and replace damaged components. Owners also need to pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of automatic doors. Due to the influence of installation quality and use environment, problems will inevitably occur during use.


2 If there is a long-term lack of maintenance, the hidden dangers and minor faults of the electric rolling door cannot be dealt with in time. After the motor receives a certain working currently, it will run forward, transfer the power to the timing belt, and then transfer the power to the lifting device. After the system opens the door, the controller makes a judgment, and if the door needs to be closed, it informs the motor to perform a reverse movement to close the door. It will change from a minor failure to a major failure, which may eventually lead to the paralysis of the automatic electric door. When the inductive detector detects someone entering, it sends a pulse signal to the main controller. After the main controller judges, it notifies the motor to run and monitors the number of revolutions of the motor at the same time, so as to notify the motor to increase power and enter a slow operation for a certain period of time.


3 Internal liquidity. You may also need to install electric rolling shutters to terminate one or more indoor doors. Again, it depends on your customers, employees, and buildings. The remote control retractable door is a kind of electric retractable door. It is a remote control electric retractable door, which can greatly improve your corporate image. The operator should always pay attention to the operation of the retractable door to avoid accidents. The track should be cleaned frequently to prevent debris from affecting the operation.


4. The drive should be greased at least once a year, the chain should be filled with lubricating oil, and the wear of each component should be checked. Worn parts should be repaired or replaced in time.