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Battery Blinds Motor Manufacturers Introduces The Precautions For The Use Of Blinds


Battery Blinds Motor Manufacturers introduces the preca […]

Battery Blinds Motor Manufacturers introduces the precautions for the use of blinds:

When pulling the blinds first, hold the handle of the vertical blinds and pull a rope (pull all the ropes on the horizontal blinds) to pull the blades apart. The use of blinds in modern life is becoming more and more common. Blinds are windows that rely on aluminum alloy rods to control the lift through mechanical principles. Basic operations can be carried out by pulling the levers. These basic operations are very simple but very easy. Errors, if used improperly, it is possible to damage the blinds.

Secondly, please note that you must check when using the blinds, especially when you use them for the first time, check the parts of the rotating rod, etc. If it is not flexible or jammed, you must first lubricate it before you start using it, and use it strictly according to The requirements of the manual are not to be self-assertive, otherwise, it is easy to go wrong.

Finally, note that incorrect use will affect the service life of the blinds; do not pull the blinds when the blinds are not adjusted to the above angle; blinds are suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms, not suitable for open windows; do not open windows when the wind is strong. Before pulling the blinds, adjust the blades to a 90 angle to the track, that is, the blades are parallel to the blades.