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Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturers Introduces The Installation Strategy Of Curtain Slides


Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturers introduces the in […]

Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturers introduces the installation strategy of curtain slides:

1. To install the curtain slide, you must first choose the curtain slide. The first is lightness. The sound of the window when the window is opened determines the quality of the window rail. The curtain slide is also slippery. The opening of the window rail is smooth and sliding. The strength and load-bearing capacity are very important reference indicators for purchase. It is also important for the curtain slide to be flat, with a beautiful appearance and a smooth surface. The four points of the curtain slide are safety. Only when the tensile strength, oxygen index, elongation at break, and heat resistance meet the standards, it can be regarded as a high-quality plastic-steel window rail.

2. To draw a line for positioning, take into account the firmness of the fixation, first measure the size to be installed, and then calculate the fixed hole distance for the curtain slide, and then install the fixing parts. The curtain slide is generally the fixing part for the cement wall or The roof needs expansion screws. Wear pulleys and curtain slides. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, the simmering bend should be staggered at the disconnection, the simmering bend should be a gentle curve, and the overlap length should not be less than 200mm. In this way, the curtain slide can ensure the magnitude of the force and the uniformity of the force.

3. After the curtain is installed with the pulley, in order to prevent the slide from rolling out of the track, and also to avoid the sharp corners of the two ends of the track from scratching the front, the curtain slide must be sealed with a seal, and finally connected The card slot and track of the fixing part are just like the curtain slide.