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Alexa Controlled Blinds Manufacturers Introduces The Precautions For Purchasing Curtain Motors


The automatic curtain motor is also a key component of […]

The automatic curtain motor is also a key component of the automatic curtain. The popular motors on the market at this stage are different from the power supply system. The key is the power supply system version number and the lithium battery version number. The lithium battery version number of the motor is to handle the balcony in the home. There is no solution provided by the embedded switching power supply in the surrounding area; below, Alexa Controlled Blinds Manufacturers introduces two things to pay attention to when purchasing curtain motors:

(1) The volume of the motor:

I firmly believe that some friends’ balconies are pre-buried with air-conditioning pipe holes, so when purchasing automatic curtains, pay attention to whether the volume of the curtain cloth motor will directly affect the use of holes and air-conditioning drain pipes. With the development of technology, the volume of the curtain motor becomes drier and slimmer.

(2) Power plug of the motor:

Fully consider the different parts of the embedded switching power supply in different home environments. Most of the motors are not connected to the power plug when they leave the factory. It is also convenient for the middle and late stages. In the case of insufficient power plugs, the master can Faster wiring method and do a good job in the middle and late stages of the line, if you choose this type of motor, then prepare the power socket electrode connection line, naturally, it is okay to buy with the after-sales service master.