Motorized Venetian Blinds

System Features:

Indoor motorized Venetian blinds can be divided into aluminum, wood, and bamboo from its material. The system drives the up and down movement of the curtain body and the tilting of the shutter through the rope winding system. It has the characteristics of durable and new, easy to clean, no aging, no fading, shading, heat insulation, ventilation and fire resistance, etc. It is suitable for high-end office buildings, living rooms, hotels, villas, and other places, and can be matched with spray paint to make it more fresh and elegant. Mainly suitable for the decoration of windows, doors, etc. in bedrooms, bathrooms, conference offices.

System structure analysis chart:

1.Tubular motor,2. Rope winder, 3.Idler, 4.Venetion Blinds, 5.Bottom beam, 6.Shock-absorbing rubber, 7.Out Casing


Applicable motor matching table:
    • WSERD24-DA
      Φ24 DC Tubular Motor

      Motor double shaft output

      Φ24 DC Tubular Motor
    • WSERD24-SA
      Φ24 DC Tubular Motor

      Motor single shaft output

      Φ24 DC Tubular Motor