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Battery Blinds Motor Supplier Introduces How To Wire Electric Curtains


Installing curtains should be something that every fami […]

Installing curtains should be something that every family needs to do. The curtain has the function of covering and protecting our privacy. Next, Battery Blinds Motor Supplier introduces how to wire electric curtains.


From the perspective of home use: it tends to be installed below, and other electrical appliances or plug-in boards can be connected when needed. It is not recommended to install the above. It's not pretty, but it saves the budget for hydropower transformation. Objectively speaking, compared with the decoration value of your entire room, electric curtains are only a small part, so there is no need to set up special wooden boards at high places for this purpose. In the future, if the room cover is equipped with a higher possibility of using a plug-in board, do not install the socket in an inconspicuous place. Depending on the location of the socket, there may be other electrical appliances nearby. Power the electric curtains. If you do not want to replace the electric curtain, the circuit can be used for other purposes. Sometimes it can also be used as a power source for air conditioners. Of course, in this case, the location of the wire socket with a larger diameter should be selected, and the curtain should be hung on the corner wall adjacent to the wall. The purpose of this is for safety. If electric curtains block the tea room, it will be unsafe.


For electric curtains with only remote control, if you only need a remote control, you only need to install an electrician in the curtain box or near the curtain installation surface, and then install a socket (for example, reserve an air-conditioning socket). It has both remote control and an electric curtain controlled by a manual control panel, allowing electricians to provide electric potential on walls that are suitable and beautiful.


In addition, lead another three-core wire from the position where the bottom box is installed (one for single track and two for double track.) Note: Each motorized curtain track motor must be connected to the three-core wire, and the other track motor The zero line is not shared! It should be said that the wiring of electric curtains is an important part of installing electric curtains. Before installing electric curtains, the arrangement of power cords and control lines of electric curtains must be reasonably arranged to make the room more beautiful and to ensure the use of curtains.