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Features Of Alexa Controlled Blinds


A smart home is an organic system with integrated contr […]

A smart home is an organic system with integrated control of smart products such as security, audio, and video, lighting, curtains, etc., using the residence as a platform. I believe that with the development of smart homes, wireless smart blinds-wireless smart blinds will also become more and more popular. Below we introduce the features of Alexa Controlled Blinds :


1. According to the indoor and outdoor environment changes, linkage control: The device can theoretically realize intelligent linkage control through simple settings, arbitrarily connecting various sensors such as sunlight, rain, wind, air quality, etc., bringing unexpected convenience and magic. When the weather is clear and the sun is good, the wireless smart blinds can automatically unfold, allowing more sunlight and better air to enter the room; when it is extremely natural and encounters heavy wind and rain, the wireless smart blinds can detect according to the rain sensor. Reflect and close in time.


2. It can be connected to mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablets via the Internet: support users to use terminal applications for various manual control operations and management. In the absence of any settings, users can directly remotely adjust the opening and closing degree of blinds through mobile phones and other devices. This means that even if the user is traveling or on a long-term business trip, it is possible to remotely set the opening and closing of the blinds through the mobile phone. In addition, the wireless smart blinds also have a timing control function. Users can set the timing through their mobile phones to achieve effects such as "opening early and closing late".


3. Support the popular NFC function nowadays: NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology. Through mobile phones that support this technology, users can travel across the country with their mobile phones, realizing the use of mobile phones for airport boarding verification and building access control Keys, payment cards, etc. In the same way, after the corresponding NFC tag is connected to the wireless smart blinds, the user does not need to open the mobile phone application when at home, and can easily open and close the NFC tag with the mobile phone "lightly swiping" the NFC tag.