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Radio Tubular Motor Factory Introduces 4 Reasons For Motor Noise


Radio Tubular Motor Factory introduces 4 reasons for no […]

Radio Tubular Motor Factory introduces 4 reasons for noise in motors:


1. The gears of the reducer are damaged, resulting in a lot of wear and vibration between the gears so that the reducer has a lot of noise during operation, not only that but also greatly affects the normal operation of the reducer.


2. The ground on which the geared motor is installed is not stable, which causes the geared motor to shake violently due to an unstable position during operation, resulting in noise.


3. The internal system of the motor reducer fails. Generally, the internal parts of the reducer are missing or damaged, which will cause huge noise.


4. The improper operation and use of the geared motor results in excessive load or improper speed, which will cause great noise.