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Tubular Motor Factory Introduces How To Maintain The Motor


Tubular Motor Factory introduces how to maintain the mo […]

Tubular Motor Factory introduces how to maintain the motor:


1. The operating environment should always be kept dry, the surface of the motor should be kept clean, and the air inlet should not be obstructed by dust, fibers, etc.


2. When the thermal protection of the motor continues to operate, it should be ascertained whether the fault comes from the motor or the overload or the setting value of the protection device is too low. After the fault is eliminated, it can be put into operation.


3. The motor should be well lubricated during operation.


4. When the life of the bearing is over, the vibration and noise of the motor will increase significantly. When the radial clearance of the bearing reaches the following value, the bearing should be replaced.


5. When replacing the winding, you must write down the form, size, number of turns, wire gauge, etc. of the original winding. When you lose these data, you should ask the manufacturer to change the original design winding at will, which often results in one or several performances of the motor. Deteriorating, even unable to use the motor.