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Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturer Introduces How To Replace The Tubular Motor Of The Roller Shutter Door


Roller Shutter Tubular Motor manufacturer introduces ho […]

Roller Shutter Tubular Motor manufacturer introduces how to replace the tubular motor of the rolling door:


1. First draw a line at the position of the door frame to be installed. Indicate the size, and then ask Huateng staff to design a suitable electric rolling door. It is worth noting here that the height of the frame is a little bit higher than the height of the door leaf.


2. Fix the door frame of the electric rolling door first, and remove the fixing plate at the lower part of the door frame. Note: grooves should be reserved on the ground on both sides of the opening. After the correction is qualified, the wooden wedges are fixed, and the iron feet of the door frame are welded firmly to the embedded iron plates. Cement mortar or fine stone concrete with a strength of not less than 10MPa can be used for firm impaction.


3. Install the main door leaf of the electric rolling shutter. It is necessary to ensure that the electric rolling door is integrated with the wall, and the sealing must be done well, and then paint the opening and the wall. After painting, the seam of the door should be even and flat, and the electric rolling door should be free and light to open, and there should be no over-tightening, over-loosening, and rebounding.