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Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturer Introduces What Is The Electric Door Closer Motor


Does Roller Blinds Motor manufacturer introduce what is […]

Does Roller Blinds Motor manufacturer introduce what is the electric door closer motor?

Electric door closers are also called automatic door closer releases, electric releases, etc. It is a mechanism that realizes the automatic closing of the door leaf through electric control. Electric door closers are different from hydraulic fire-proof door closers. They combine the functions of an electromagnetic release and an unclosed.


There are solenoid valves and powerful springs inside. The springs are compressed when the door is pushed and locked by the solenoid valve to keep the door in a normally open state. When power is supplied, the solenoid valve is released and closed by the rebound impact of the spring, without buffer function. It was first applied to normally open fire doors. Later, due to the fire department's belief that the closed doors did not comply with fire protection regulations, they were not promoted and applied in the fire door market. At present, hydraulic automatic door closers are still used in the fire door market.