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Smart Curtain Motor Factory Introduces How To Install Electric Roller Blinds


Smart Curtain Motor Factory introduces how to install e […]

Smart Curtain Motor Factory introduces how to install electric roller blinds:


1. Connect the vertical rail and bottom rail with corner and countersunk head tapping screws.


2. Insert the end cover into the guide rail.


3. Fix the guide rail on the wall.


4. Install the reel (including the assembly parts of the blind sheet and its accessories, roller blind shaft, motor, and accessories, tied with a rope to make the blind sheet tightly wound on the roller blind shaft) into the two endplates.


5. Install the boot block (this step can also be completed in the first to third steps if the boot block is not equipped, this step will be canceled).


6. Turn on the power, adjust the limit, and fix the movable bracket.


7. Fix the cover and front baffle (or front gusset).


8. Fasten the protective cap and plug.