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Motorized Shades Blinds Factory Introduces The Installation Method Of Electric Ceiling Blinds


Motorized Shades Blinds Factory introduces the installa […]

Motorized Shades Blinds Factory introduces the installation method of electric ceiling blinds:


1. Choose the track length according to the window size, and reserve sockets and switches;


2. Connect the track with hollow screws and pass the three-core wire through the middle of the track. After the track is connected, the wires come out from both ends, the interface is concentric and flat, and the motor can pass smoothly;


3. Put a support rod in the middle of the track, and place an elastic rubber ring on the left and right. Set a motor at each end, with the motor wire facing outward, and place several curtain rings (6 pcs/m) behind the motor;


4. Install the support on the wall or the top plate with an expansion plug, install the assembled track, motor, and support rod on the support, and tighten it with the support rod top screw;


5. Connect the middle line and the motor line according to the color. One end is introduced into the control box and connected to the capacitor, power supply, and switch.