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Awning Motors Manufacturer Introduces How To Deal With Damp Motors


Awning Motors manufacturer introduces how to deal with […]

Awning Motors manufacturer introduces how to deal with damp motors:


1. External heat source heating method
For the damp receiver, first, remove it, and then use a high-power incandescent bulb, put it inside the motor for baking, or put it in the drying room to dry. This method is convenient, safe, and reliable to operate, but it is only suitable for small motors and is easy to disassemble. For large and medium-sized or difficult-to-remove motors, the workload is relatively large and the feasibility is also reduced. It should be noted that when operating in this way, the bulb or heat source should not be too close to the coil to prevent the coil from being burned out. You can cover the motor shell with canvas and other items to keep it warm.


2. the welding machine drying method
Before the operation of the exchange welding machine drying method, connect the heads of the wetted motor windings in series, and the casing is grounded, so that three sets of windings can be heated and dried. In order to monitor the changes in electricity consumption during the drying process, a current can be connected in series and observed. Whether the power consumption reaches the rated current of the motor~. The motor dried by the AC welding machine no longer needs to be dismantled and inspected, which reduces the workload. At the same time, when the power is turned on, the motor uses its own resistance to heat, so that the coil is evenly heated, and the drying effect is relatively good, but this method is only suitable for the lower part The motor cannot be used for a long time because the electric welding machine adds a large current to the electric welding machine, and it cannot be used for a long time, otherwise, the electric welding may be burnt out.


3. The operation wiring of the DC welding machine's drying method is similar to that of AC, and the string meter should be a DC ammeter. Using a DC welding machine to dry the damp motor is easy to operate, and it can dry large and medium-sized motors and high-voltage motors for a long time. Since the DC inverter welding machine is now used, it adopts a three-phase AC voltage after three-phase bridge rectification and filtering to supply a new type of inverter as a power switching device for variable frequency processing, and then the intermediate frequency transformer is used to reduce the voltage. The rectified output can supply the power required for welding. The logic control circuit formed by integrated circuits can handle the feedback of voltage and current signals to achieve closed-loop control of the whole machine. The control technology of pulse width modulation is adopted to obtain fast pulses. With wide modulation constant current characteristics, there is also a special cooling fan for cooling. In this way, when the welding machine works for a long time or works with a high current, the internal components will not be damaged due to long-term high current work, so it can be used for long-term use of large and medium-sized motors.