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Alexa Controlled Blinds Manufacturer Introduces A Daily Guide For Water Pump Maintenance


Alexa Controlled Blinds manufacturer introduces daily g […]

Alexa Controlled Blinds manufacturer introduces daily guidelines for pump maintenance:


1. Daily maintenance and maintenance of the water pump: daily maintenance.
a. Check the water pump power cord for aging, broken skin, and leakage of the copper core of the power cord. In this case, if the power cord is on the shore, it can be wrapped. If it is in water, it is best to replace the power cord.

b. Frequently check whether the water pump impeller has mud, foreign matter, etc. that block the water outlet impeller or the water outlet, and check whether the sound of the water pump is good when it is running.

c. Check whether the water pump is running or not leaking electricity. If there is electricity leakage, please send it to the water pump maintenance department to overhaul the national standard motor.


2. How to deal with the abnormal noise of the pump: There are three reasons for the abnormal noise.
a. The water pump bearing is damaged and needs to be replaced.
b. The impeller of the water pump is loose and grinds to the bottom end cover of the water pump.
c. Damage to the water pump coil.


3. The water pump cannot supply water normally after starting: there are four reasons why the pump cannot supply water normally
a. Is the water pump a centrifugal pump. Is it necessary to divert water?
b. Whether the pump is reversed, if it is reversed, replace the capacitor connection method.
c. Whether there is foreign matter in the water outlet of the pump or the gap of the impeller.


4. Whether the water pump seal is installed properly.