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Tubular Motor Manufacturer Introduces Damp Treatment Methods For High-Power And High-Voltage Motors


During the use of any item, more or less will encounter […]

During the use of any item, more or less will encounter the phenomenon of damp, such as high-power high-voltage motor selection reasons and storage, improper maintenance, environment, and other factors cause moisture to enter the motor to form condensation or the motor directly enters the water, resulting in The insulation resistance of the motor decreases, which affects the normal use and safety of the motor.

So today Tubular Motor manufacturer introduces how to deal with damp high-power high-voltage motors:

The current drying method is the most common method to deal with the ingress of water and moisture in high-power and high-voltage motors. The basic principle is to pass low-voltage current into the stator windings of the motor, the rotor is blocked, and the temperature generated by the loss of the motor itself is used to dry the motor. The rotor generates heat at the same time, and the drying speed is faster. It is generally used for high-voltage and low-voltage motors with a higher power.