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How To Control The Motorized Shades Blinds?


Motorized shades blinds refers to the skylight operated […]

Motorized shades blinds refers to the skylight operated by electricity, which can be divided into manual and electric. The following describes the control method of the motorized shades blinds.

Control Method:

1. Manual control function: manual switch control, radio remote control, manual plus wireless remote control. Some products can be equipped with power-off emergency hand joystick control (only single frame control).

2. Intelligent control function: time and space, wind control, rain control, light control, voice control (rarely used), or any combination of the above 5 types. Such as: wind and rain control, wind and rain control, etc.

3. Cluster control function: cluster master control, regional sub-control, and sub-level control. The above three can also be combined arbitrarily.

4. Extended control function: It can be connected to the building master control port. Realize the intelligent control of the entire building.

In summary, manual control and intelligent control can achieve harmonious coexistence, suitable for small and medium-sized projects.And manual control, intelligent control, and cluster control can also flexibly implement multiple control methods according to actual needs. In addition, extended control functions are mainly used in large buildings to achieve centralized intelligent control.

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