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Four Steps To Install The Smart Curtain Motor


Smart curtain motor is the core product for controlling […]

Smart curtain motor is the core product for controlling smart curtains. Smart electric curtains can automatically open and close through the curtain motor. The significance of smart curtain motors to electric curtains is self-evident.

The four steps of smart curtain motor installation:

1. Position the track and measure the size

First, you need to measure the fixed hole distance and the size of the track to be installed. When measuring the size, consumers should pay attention to the total length of the track as the sum of the click, the track length, and the auxiliary transmission box.

2. Install the hoisting clip

Rotate the clip 90° to connect with the track, and then install the lifting clip on the top plate with self-tapping screws.

3. Connect the track to the motor

Put the motor into the main gear box and rotate it 90° clockwise. The flat rotating shaft of the main gear box must match the interface of the motor. After rotating in place, push the insert into the transmission box to the limit position, it will automatically lock, and the motor is connected to the transmission box. What needs special attention here is that the power cannot be turned on when it is not connected properly to avoid damage to the motor.

4. Adjust the motor program

The end of the motor is equipped with a set of gears and a micro switch device. The motor connection requires forward and reverse rotation, so as to realize the self-positioning of the curtain opening and closing stroke.

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