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Installation And Debugging of The Tubular Motor


In recent years, the rapid progress of China's industri […]

In recent years, the rapid progress of China's industrial machinery has also led to the progress of the tubular motor. As a high-performance motor product, tubular motor is widely used in lifting doors and windows, sunshading systems and other fields, so it has a great impact on everyone's life.

Tubular motors have the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption and quick start-up. Next, I will introduce the installation and debugging of the tubular motor.

Step 1: Motor installation

1. Check whether the moving directions of the up/down buttons corresponding to the rolling door are the same. If they are inconsistent, you can set the left/right switch toggle button in the controller.

2. According to the up and down direction of the rolling door, find out the adjustment button for setting the upper/lower limit. In order to roll the rolling door to the specified position and stop automatically, you need to adjust the up/down button counterclockwise or clockwise.

3. This motor is suitable for installation on rolling doors without door balance system with door height less than 3 meters and door weight less than 70 kg.

Step 2: Installation of the controller

1. Install the controller hook on the wall or directly install the controller on the wall. The controller should be more than 30 cm away from the metal plane, and it is strictly prohibited to install it in a metal tank or metal container.

2. The battery box should be installed horizontally.

3. Connect the emergency switch wiring to the emergency power interface lead on the controller to a place that is easy for people to operate, and store it neatly. There are lead wires at random. If the user lengthens the lead wires, the cross-sectional area of ​​each extension wire must be greater than 2.5 square millimeters.

Step 3: Debug

1. Insert the motor connector into the controller.

2. Insert the battery box plug into the controller.

3. Turn on the power and check whether the panel indicator is on. If it is not, check the mains power supply line.

4. Test the adjustment of the door running into the travel switch

5. Press the "up" button on the remote control handle and the door should go up; press the "down" button and the door should go down.

6. Debugging of emergency door opening

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