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How To Use Smart Curtain Motor's Curtains


As an important member of home decoration, curtains can […]

As an important member of home decoration, curtains can not only protect the privacy and adjust the light, but also make the home warm and stylish. Install the opening and closing curtains, you can operate without getting up or taking out your mobile phone, the curtains can be automatically opened and closed, which is quite convenient and trouble-free. In addition, it can improve lighting, heat insulation, and energy-saving, effectively block ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight and protect human skin from ultraviolet rays. Usually, the appearance of the opening and closing curtain is more exquisite, elegant, and luxurious, and the shape is rich. It can achieve a variety of artistic shading effects according to different needs. It is the first choice for hotels, high-end residences, and other home environments.


Different brands of curtains look similar, but there are big differences in detailed design. The invisible interior is actually very knowledgeable, so consumers must be cautious when choosing.


Specifically, in the morning, you can use your mobile phone to set an alarm clock, and when the alarm clock rings, the smart curtains will automatically open; when you get up, wash and eat, and prepare to drive to work, you can also set your mobile phone to go home at night, and the smart curtains will automatically open. closed or closed; or in the middle of the night, the intelligent light-blocking curtain closes at 10 o'clock on time, and all smart devices go to sleep. Opening and closing curtains are to give you a smart and ritualistic home.


Modern curtains are not only decorative but also reflect the owner's taste and taste. The opening and closing curtain have a Smart Curtain Motor , which allows you to open a smart and elegant way of opening the curtain. Once you experience it once, you will never go back to the traditional hand-drawn curtain.