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Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturers Introduce The Role Of Sun Blinds


The sunshade is a kind of curtain that can block the ou […]

The sunshade is a kind of curtain that can block the outside sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and heat from entering the room. It plays a very important role in daily life. The sunshades on the market are mainly divided into ordinary sunshades and electric sunshades. Ordinary sunshades are mainly made of PVC and are operated by hand; while electric sunshades are manual control, intelligent control, cluster control, and expansion control; the main types are scroll type, folding type, and blade flip type. kind. Below, Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturers introduce the role and selection strategy of the sunshade:


The sunshade can make the strong sunlight enter the room in the form of diffuse reflection so that the indoor light is bright but not harmful to the eyes. In addition, the sunshade connects the outside with the interior, expanding the area of the interior. With the rapid development of the economy, the sunshade has also been greatly changed and developed. Now the sunshade not only has the basic function of the sunshade but also has the decorative function of the sunshade, which can decorate the entire home. Especially now, many sunshades are colorful and rich in color, novel and changeable, and various styles. They can be matched with different home decoration styles, which can decorate the home and strengthen the decoration style of the whole home.


First of all, like choosing ordinary curtains, first confirm the size of the curtains, which is related to the position of the curtains. After confirming the size of the curtain, choose the material and fabric of the curtain. There are many kinds of sunshades on the market now, and the fabric and material of the sunshade are selected because the fabric and material of the sunshade are directly related to the degree of the sunshade effect of the sunshade. If you want good lighting, sunlight fabrics are good, if you want good shading performance, full shading fabrics are better. It is also necessary to examine whether the craftsmanship and design style of the sunshade curtains cooperate with the style of the entire home.