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Introduction of A High-level Smart Curtain Motor


Now, the application of smart curtain motor is more and […]

Now, the application of smart curtain motor is more and more extensive. Hangzhou Wistar Mechanical & Electric Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and sales of smart curtain motors. Our products have been well received by our customers. Here is a model of our company's WSCMI smart curtain motor.

Basic technical parameters:

Rated voltage: DC12V

Rated power: 48W

Rated current: 4.0A

Protection level: IP40

Size: 40 * 40 * 258mm

Charging method: rechargeable battery DCB007 / adapter charging 12V / 3A

There are many advantages of this smart curtain motor. It has a long battery life and a low-power design, which can last 3-6 months at a time. In addition, this smart curtain motor uses a lithium battery. Lithium batteries can be used for power supply. This can solve the trouble of installing without a power socket.


1. Automatic restriction settings

2. Stop immediately

3. You can draw by hand when power off

4. Walk away with an electric hand

5. With dry contact interface, compatible with third-party smart home systems

I believe that seeing this, you must have a strong interest in our smart curtain motor. Come and buy from us: smart curtain motor.