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Application of Window Actuator Motor on Car Windows


The so-called window actuator motor is a device that dr […]

The so-called window actuator motor is a device that drives the window lifter motor through the power supply to make the lifter move up and down and drive the window glass to move up and down to achieve the purpose of automatically opening and closing the window.

Window actuator motors are widely used. Now let's mainly introduce the application of window actuator motor to car windows. With the development of economy, modern automobiles have higher and higher requirements for the comfort and convenience of windows, and window actuator motors have become more and more common configurations of automobiles.

Power windows have a great effect. It allows the driver or occupant to sit on the seat and use a switch to automatically lift the door glass. At the same time, it is easy to operate and is conducive to driving safety, and has become the first choice for the design of windows of various OEMs.

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