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What Is A Tubular Motor?


The tubular motor is composed of a stroke part, a motor […]

The tubular motor is composed of a stroke part, a motor part, and a deceleration part. The three parts work in a round tube, hence the name.

What is the working principle of the tubular motor? Its stroke part controls the upper and lower limits of the motor. The motor part is responsible for the operation of the motor. In addition, the deceleration part mostly uses planetary deceleration to reduce the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque.

Here are some features of tubular motors:

1. Tubular motors are widely used. It can be used in electric curtains, roller blinds, awnings and so on.

2. It can be used for wall-mounted transmitters.

3. There is a manual switch on the main engine of the tubular motor for control.

4. Its reception is very stable.

5. Tubular motors can be matched with home automation.

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