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Knowledge about Tubular Motors


The tubular motor is composed of a stroke part, a motor […]

The tubular motor is composed of a stroke part, a motor part, and a deceleration part. The three parts work in a round tube, hence the name.

What is the working principle of the tubular motor? First, the stroke part controls the upper and lower limits of the motor. Then, the motor part is responsible for motor operation. Finally, the deceleration part mostly uses planetary deceleration to reduce the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque.

Tubular motors are mainly divided into two categories. The first category is classified according to the size of the tube: 35 motors, 45 motors, 59 motors, 92 motors, etc. There is also a category according to the operating principle of the stroke part when the power is off: standard tubular motors, hand-cranked tubular motors, chain tubular motors, clutch tubular motors and resistance tubular motors, etc.

Tubular motors are widely used. It is mostly used for electric rolling doors. When working, the motor is hidden in the rolling tube, and the drive shaft is driven by the rotation of the motor to realize the lifting of the roller blind. When ascending, the curtain is wound on the reel. When descending, the curtain slides down the inner side of the guide rail. Through the control of the remote control, the curtain can be raised, stopped and lowered.

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