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Precautions When Choosing A Smart Curtain Motor


The function of the smart curtain motor is to drive the […]

The function of the smart curtain motor is to drive the electric curtain to move back and forth along the track through its own forward and reverse rotation. According to the power supply mode, it can be divided into four types: AC powered curtain motor, DC powered curtain motor, battery powered curtain motor and solar powered curtain motor.

When choosing a smart curtain motor, there are a few points to note:

First of all, pay attention to the power of the motor. The smart curtain motor needs to provide a suitable power to the curtain to drive the entire curtain movement. If the power is too large, it may cause damage to the curtain and the entire system. However, if the power of the smart curtain motor is too small, it will not be able to drive the curtain to move, which will not achieve the desired goal. So when choosing a motor, you need to choose according to your curtain.

Second, we must pay attention to the level of noise. Curtains are used in homes or office buildings and offices. In these environments, they should not be too noisy. When the smart curtain motor is in use, it is best not to generate noise. Therefore, when you choose to buy, test how noisy it is.

The last but most important point is to pay attention to the supplier's after-sales service. When buying a smart curtain motor, ask the company whether it can provide after-sale protection.

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