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Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturer Introduces How To Set The Remote Control Of The Curtains


Does Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturer introduce how […]

Does Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturer introduce how to set the remote control of curtains?


In the field of smart homes, the remote control of curtain opening and closing overcomes the shortcomings of inconvenient operation of traditional curtains. It can automatically open and close the curtains under the set light and temperature. Therefore, in many cases, as long as we press the remote control or mobile phone switch, the curtain can be automatically opened and closed. This is not only to improve the quality of life, but also a very intimate and humanized step for the elderly with limited mobility.


Usually, the best place for us to choose the smart curtain power supply is the corner wall adjacent to the smart curtain wall to improve safety. Otherwise, if the socket is blocked by the curtain, it is easy to cause a safety hazard when the circuit goes wrong.


After installation, the motor of the smart curtain is on the side of the window. Because it needs to be connected to the power supply, it is necessary to reserve a socket near the window. And the motor is designed with an indicator light, you can check the working status of the motor.


The smart curtain uses a motor to control the pulley to pull the curtain open and close. Of course, even if there is a power failure, we can open the curtains manually.