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Radio Tubular Motor Factory Introduces How To Choose Automatic Curtains


Radio Tubular Motor Factory introduces how to choose au […]

Radio Tubular Motor Factory introduces how to choose automatic curtains:


1. According to different operating mechanisms and decorative effects, electric curtains are divided into electric blinds, roller blinds, and Roman blinds. They are divided into the electric opening and closing curtain series, electric hanging curtain series, electric sunroof, electric sun visor, electric awning, and so on. It can be divided into electric blinds, electric blinds, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor sun visors, hollow blinds, fully shielded or semi-shielded track blinds. Electric opening and closing curtain system includes track system, control system, and decorative curtain. The driving methods currently used in rail systems include DC motor drive, AC motor drive, and electromagnetic drive.


2. Classification according to different currents: DC motors usually use built-in or external power transformers, but the driving power is usually small, the curtains that can be loaded are lighter, the noise is relatively small, and the control circuit is more complicated. The driving method of AC motor can directly use a 220V power supply, the control circuit is simple, the driving power is large, and the curtain is heavier. The motors used for the electric lifting curtain mechanism are divided into DC tubular motors and AC tubular motors. The DC tubular motor is powered by a transformer (12-24V), which has lower driving power, smaller load-bearing curtains, lightweight and more complicated control circuits. The control circuit of the AC tubular motor is simple and the driving power is large. It can be installed on the floor glass wall of thick curtains in office buildings and exhibition halls. The lobby of hotels and hotel clubs; the study room, children's room, and family living room have very small windows.