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Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Factory Introduces The Advantages Of Electric Curtains


Electric curtains are essentially the same as tradition […]

Electric curtains are essentially the same as traditional curtains. They are mainly used for shading, protecting personal privacy, and meeting the needs of users. In addition to the advantages of traditional curtains, electric curtains also have other advantages. Below, the Roller Shutter Tubular Motor factory introduces the advantages of electric curtain machines:


1. Good intelligence
In order to facilitate the use of more people, electric curtains take into account the needs of men and women, young and old, and innovative in performance. The electric curtain can be controlled at will through the wireless controller, no need to manually pull the curtain and the electric curtain can be scheduled in advance to set the electric curtain, and the electric curtain can automatically move without any accidents.


2. Multi-level consideration
Electric curtains can not only use the remote control to control the movement of the curtains, but also can be manually pulled, fully taking into account the power outage in the household, and avoiding the situation that the curtain cannot be moved due to the power outage. In addition to remote control and manual stretching, group control can also be performed, which is very convenient.


3. Good mute effect
Electric curtains use high-quality silent rollers and gear belts when they are running. The sound generated by the friction between them reaches the lowest effect, which is much less noise than traditional curtains, and basically brings a perfect mute effect.