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Roller Blinds Motor Factory Introduces The Classification Of Electric Curtains


Roller Blinds Motor factory introduces the different cl […]

Roller Blinds Motor factory introduces the different classifications of electric curtains:


1. According to the classification of the installation:
The built-in electric curtain cannot see the motor, but only the track from the surface; the external type, as the name suggests, the motor is exposed outside.


2. According to the classification of operating mechanism and decoration effect:
It is divided into the electric opening and closing curtain series, electric lifting curtain series, electric ceiling curtain, electric sun visor, electric awning, and other series, such as Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, soft gauze curtains, style curtains, honeycomb curtains, etc.


3. Classification according to purpose
Electric opening and closing blinds, electric roller blinds, electric Venetian blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor Venetian blinds, outdoor sun visors, hollow Venetian blinds, full or semi-shading guide rail roller blinds.


4. According to the classification of electric curtain motor:
The electric curtain system for opening and closing includes a track system, a control system, and a decorative curtain. In recent years, the track system of the products produced in the past few years has adopted driving methods such as DC motor drive, AC motor drive, and electromagnetic drive.


5. Classification according to specific structure:
The belt drive runs in the enclosed curtain rod cavity, and the belt pulls the curtain and then pulls the hoisting ring. An electric curtain consisting of a motor, a reduction wheel group, a driving wheel, a pulley, and a belt. It is characterized by ultra-quiet, slow start, and slow stop, and the rod inner cavity runs, and the hoist rings are all sleeved on the outer periphery of the curtain rod or embedded in the lower part to open. In the seam.