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Smart Curtain Motor Factory Introduces The Transmission Mode Of The Track System


Smart Curtain Motor factory introduces the following tr […]

Smart Curtain Motor factory introduces the following transmission modes of a track system:


1. The most advanced is the use of synchronous belts and synchronous wheels for synchronous transmission. Synchronous belts are divided into three types: double-bread cloth, single-bread cloth, and unwrapped cloth. The best is double-bread cloth.


2. The driving methods of the curtain include DC motor drive, AC motor drive, and electromagnetic drive.

① DC motors generally use built-in or external power transformers. The DC motor has a strong overload capacity and can withstand frequent shock loads; it is safe, small in size, high in electrical energy efficiency, and low in heat generation. The DC motor of the same size has a larger load and lower noise. The control circuit is more complicated. It is a low-carbon product that has gradually replaced the mainstream trend.


②AC motor drive mode can directly use 220V power supply. The control circuit is simple, the driving power is large, and the energy consumption is high. Nowadays, it is generally an AC motor.