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Radio Tubular Motor Factory Introduces How To Store Motorized Curtain Boxes


Nowadays, most people use electric curtains. After use, […]

Nowadays, most people use electric curtains. After use, the socket should be installed in an area that is not worth mentioning, so as to conveniently power the electric curtain. Depending on whether the power socket is located around other electrical appliances, there should be at least five holes. That way, if you don't expect to replace the electric curtains after two years, the power circuit can be used for other purposes. Sometimes it can also be used as a switching power supply for central air conditioners. Naturally, under such conditions, wires with large diameters should be routed.


Radio Tubular Motor Factory introduces the selection of the expansion slot of the electric curtain box: Generally, the curtain cloth is hung on the corner wall around the wall. Doing that is out of safety considerations. If the electric curtain cloth covers the tea seat, it is very easy to cause safety risks when the power circuit is cut off. From the perspective of home applications, it is not recommended to install it at the top, but I prefer to install it at the bottom. When needed, it can be connected to other electrical appliances or sockets, which is not ugly, and it saves the cost budget of water and electricity decoration. Objectively speaking, compared with the use-value of the decoration design of all your rooms, electric curtains are only a small part, so there is no need to set up wooden boards at high altitudes. If the interior decoration of the distribution is changed in the future, the probability of using it will exceed that of the patch panel.