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Tubular Motor Factory Introduces The Control Method Of Automatic Curtain


The automatic curtain system software can be completed […]

The automatic curtain system software can be completed according to infrared, wireless communication remote control, or timing execution control. There are two remote control methods for electric curtains on the market today: wireless network remote control and infrared remote control. The former can achieve a distance of 30 meters, while the latter can achieve 10-20 meters under the barrier-free standard. In addition, if equipped with control equipment, it can also complete wind speed control, sound control, lighting effect control, temperature control, and automatic timer switch. According to the integration of the automatic curtain system software into the smart home system control system software, the intelligent control of the automatic curtain can be completed according to a variety of intelligent methods. The key control methods include local network switch control, wireless network remote control, and wireless network control. Next, Tubular Motor Factory will introduce the control method of an automatic curtain:


1. Remote control function of an electric curtain:
Infrared wireless network remote control, built-in infrared control power circuit, remote control immediately according to the external infrared sensor. Regardless of the position, you can use the remote control to open or close the curtains so that the curtains can be opened and closed at will.


2. Electric curtain power switch control:
The local power switch control is when you need to close or open the curtain, you only need to press the "forward" or "reverse" button of the Internet power switch on the spot. When the curtain is in place, the curtain will be automatically terminated. When common failures of switching power supply occur, the curtains can be opened and closed manually.


3. Wind speed control of electric curtain:
If there is a strong wind, the system software detector will magnetically sense the wind data signal and control the curtains to close (usually integrated with the intelligent window information system).


4. Timed execution control of electric curtain:
The electric curtain can automatically control the opening and closing of the curtain according to the set opening or closing time. The system software timing execution controller can set the opening and closing times in advance. If you go out, the system software timing execution controller will automatically open and close the curtains at the same time every day according to your habit.