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Alexa Controlled Blinds Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Curtain Motor


An electric roller blind is an upgraded product of a ma […]

An electric roller blind is an upgraded product of a manual roller blind. Its operation is very simple, just flip the power switch. Nowadays, curtain opening and closing motors are widely used in hotels, villas, communities, and other places. Alexa Controlled Blinds Manufacturer will introduce the characteristics of curtain opening and closing motors:


1. Aesthetics: ①The motor can be hidden and installed upside down; ②With curtain playback and serpentine curtain mechanism, it makes the curtain appearance elegant and beautiful.


2. Convenience: ①Press the double buckle to install; ②Automatically set the stroke, free of debugging; ③Pull function after a power failure; ④Pull start; ⑤Intermediate stop function.


3. Practicability: ①Large torque, strong bearing capacity, can be used as a single-track dual-motor system; ②With wireless remote control, RS485 bus, dry contact control: ③Applicable to all kinds of straight and curved rail curtains.


4. Comfort: ①The system is ultra-quiet as low as 27dB (A); ②The motor stops slowly.